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NOW AVAILABLE  for 2020-21 School Year, payments can be made electronically through FACTS Tuition Management. Registration is complete upon online FACTS enrollment by the responsible party.

See Mrs. Saravia for additional students

2020-2021 Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $3245 per student per year

Tuition is divided over 11 months (August ’20-June ’21) $295 per month

8th grade parents tuition is July-May

FACTS automatic tuition payment ($49 annual enrollment fee: charged in August)

Non-FACTS Tuition Fee ($100 annual fee: Charged in August)

40 Parent Service Hours per year ($10 fee for each hour not served, total $400  


  • 1 Child =$350
  • Family = $500


  • $350 per student/$500 per family Non-Refundable  
  • $400 per family: 4 fundraisers (subject to change)
  • $50.00 Application fee (non-refundable) new students
  • $20.00 Late Fee after the 10th of the month
  • $30.00 Fee for returned checks
  • $15.00 New Student Emergency Kit
  • $10.00 Technology Fee per student

Download current tuition fees document »

Additional payment options


All families shall be expected to make tuition payments according to one of the following payment plans. Payment plan options must be submitted each year at the time of the registration. Options for payment shall include:

Full Payment Plan

FACTS will not charge an annual fee if the entire tuition is paid in full. You still must create an account with FACTS for our records and accountability.

Semester Plan

Under this plan, the entire amount is divided in two installments, due August 5, 2020 and January 5, 2021. FACTS will charge a $10 fee for plan.

Monthly Plan

Under this plan , the entire amount of tuition will be paid monthly over an eleven (11) month period beginning August 2020-June 2021. For the 8th grade parents the monthly plan begin in July 2020-May 2021.

Payment in full

If you make your tuition payment in full by August, you will receive a 10% discount off your total tuition. 

Pay In-Office

Office payments may be arranged. If you choose this method you are required to make payments according a schedule agreed upon by both parties. A $20.00 late charge will be applied each time a payment is missed without prior authorization.

In addition each family is required to:

Volunteer 40 hours per family per year.  

September – December – 20 hours must be completed.

January – April – 20 hours must be completed.  

$10.00 per hour fee for all incomplete service hours.

Click here for ways to fulfill your hours.

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