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St. Odilia School provides a caring Christian environment in which academic excellence and spiritual development occur simultaneously. We strive to vividly reflect the Christian value that exists in our community of believers. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit and our patron Saint Odilia, we recognize the giftedness of our school community in building peace and harmony in the Kingdom of God.

Our philosophy embodies the notion that the advancement of the ‘whole child’ experience is a critical step and is central to the advancement of the ‘whole community’ experience. Hence, we have created an ‘ecosystem’ approach to our curriculum supporting the understanding that we are all connected within the human experience. We believe that it is this connectivity that, given the proper foundation and support, will ultimately drive our communities to nurture, to improve and to thrive.

Spiritual — to instill in each student the basic principles of the Catholic faith and to create an environment in which each student can grow and deepen his/her personal relationship with God.

  • Delivering academic excellence
  • Advancing self-discovery and the ‘whole child’ experience
  • Embracing cultural, racial and ethnic diversity
  • Teaching inclusion, compassion and social responsibility
  • Performing community service
  • Providing a safe, healthy atmosphere
  • Staffing dedicated and caring teaching professionals

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