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Caronavirus(COVID-19) Prevention: Distant Learning March 16 – 31st

March 16, 2020 by Vice Principal/DMD

Due to Archdiocesan COVID-19 preventative measures, classes at St. Odilia School and all Los Angeles Catholic schools will be closed until Wednesday, April 1, 2020.  Teachers are developing different digital formats to provide your students with assignments during this closure.  Please check below for the ways you can communicate with your child’s teacher and request/view assignments.  If you have any problems contacting your child’s teacher, please email Mr. Monteilh at viceprincipal@stodiliaschool-la.org


TK, Zrodriguez@stodiliaschool-la.org and Remind Application

K, Remind Application and m.santamaria@stodiliaschool-la.org

1st, Compass Learning Messages and garcia@stodiliaschool-la.org

2nd, Compass Learning Messages and luna@stodiliaschool-la.org

3rd, classdojo.com and longoria@stodiliaschool-la.org

4th, Compass Learning Messages and trujillo@stodiliaschool-la.org

5th, Google Classroom and arodriguez@stodiliaschool-la.org

6th, Google Classroom, Remind, Compass Learning Messages and perales@stodiliaschool-la.org

7th, Google Classroom and cueva@stodiliaschool-la.org

8th, Google Classroom, Remind and Compass Learning and rivas@stodiliaschool-la.org




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