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2017 Graduation Celebrations!

June 13, 2017 by Vice Principal/DMD

Principal Saravia-Perez enjoys the Kindergarten celebration

Principal Saravia-Perez enjoys the Kindergarten celebration.


Celebrate!  We are in the 1st grade.

Transitional Kindergarten students and the 8th graders enjoyed the celebrations and applause as the 2017, school year ended for them.  Each class represents an important part of our St. Odilia School history.  Four years ago, the TK program began, and it has developed into a wonderfully progressive part of our academic program.  It is amazing to witness how advanced they are by the time they reach Kindergarten!  With TK moving forward, our 8th graders are off to high school ready to prepare for college, so we wish them all good luck and God bless.



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