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Blended Learning: Small Group Instruction & Technology Integration

In order to deliver an engaging and rigorous academic experience to its students, St. Odilia School recently moved to the next level in education excellence and innovative learning by implementing its BLESS (Blended Learning Educating Smart Students) Initiative. Blended Learning programs such as St. Odilia School’s BLESS Initiative are tailored to meet individual student needs, allow students to self-pace, and are often considered more engaging than traditional courses, all of which make them well-suited to promoting the success of at-risk and high-need students. The school’s instructional design concept is a Blended Learning Classroom Rotation Model that allows for various learning centers, small-group instruction, hands on activities and online learning and direct instruction to occur simultaneously.

The school is further integrating its current classroom SMART Board technology by adding digital technology and in-depth professional development to deliver content rich Common Core Standards based Language Arts curriculum provided by its content partner, Compass Learning. Compass Learning is a proven achievement program offering content, curriculum and thousands of activities that not only align to Common Core Standards, but also offers students vast opportunities for authentic learning,exploration, discovery, critical thinking, analysis, and deep reasoning around the skills and objectives of the Common Core State Standards.

It is part of St. Odilia School’s covenant to its students to deliver the type of learning environment that advances technologies enabling its teachers to adapt instruction to meet the personal needs of each and every student. By introducing the classroom rotation blended learning model, teachers will be spending less time in whole class lecture or in whole class computer lab mode and more time with small group instruction, small group collaborative work oversight and small group online curriculum learning oversight. Beyond that, the school’s faculty will spend more time creating engaging lesson plans; planning for and managing differentiation lesson plans; and providing real time interventions to students as a result of instant analytics and data provided by Odyssey Compass Learning.

Because of the successful implementation of its BLESS Initiative, the entire St. Odilia school community is already feeling the results. According to Ms. Ellen P. Holton, St. Odilia School Director of Marketing and Development, “our teachers are creating personalized learning paths based on the strengths, needs, interests, and styles of each student so he or she can progress toward Common Core Standard success; our students are engaged in the learning process in ways that they have never experienced before; our families are witnessing, in real time, the progress their children are making; and our school is delivering on its promise to give our students an exceptional learning environment that offers the tools necessary for them to thrive in the 21st Century.”

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